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The history of a city, country and people is made up of a set of facts about important segments of social life. Since the first appearance of surplus products (in economic terms), trade has been one of the most important sources of livelihood, as an opportunity to meet people and connect civilizations.

From the very beginning, trade was conducted at the place where the goods were produced, but also at special places that are provided for that trade. That is how special places for wholesale trade began to appear.

According to written testimonies, the first market was established in 1824. A hundred years later, the Bajloni market was opened, which initially operated as a wholesaleopen market.

As the city expanded, so did the need for an appropriate location, which, given the specific requirements regarding the conditions for conducting wholesale trade, must be removed from the inner city. Thus, after the Second World War and the recovery of the country, the city's wholesaleopen market was located in the settlement of Mali Mokri Lug, on the outskirts of the city.

In the last decade of the last century, Wholesale open market moved to the other part of the city, in the immediate vicinity of the highway, Novi Beograd (Block 53).

At this location today is the Belgrade Wholesale Market, a business entity in intensive expansion. Wholesale markets do not have a long tradition in our country, because, unlike retail markets, they were created during the last two decades of the twentieth century.

At this location, first on a paved plateau, a truck trade took place, and on the threshold of entering the 21st century, a building of four floors was built, where sales facilities (shops), warehouses and offices were located.



  • Enable the development of local governments in the Republic of Serbia and enable maximum competitiveness.
  • Unite producers at the point of sale and enable easier connection of producers and traders.
  • Build a logistics center that will be connected to points of sale.
  • Achieve easier communication with the relevant ministry for the implementation of joint projects and
  • raise competitiveness through the adoption of marketing and quality standards.


By offering and demanding fresh food, on the platform of modern infrastructure, create the best conditions for all users, and with the growth and development of the company, ensure business stability through continuous increase of competitiveness of traders working in the system. By applying such a development policy, ensure easier placement to producers, efficient service to traders, which will lead to better prices with defined food quality and safety policies.


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